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Interview with Mrs. Kimby

Dennis Cleary interviewed Mr Kimby on 6th February 1981.

Her father James Bailey was landlord of the Stamford Arms, Mossley which the Mossley Men used as a Headquarters. They practised on the Market ground close by. She remembers a Rushcart from the Stamford Anns, thinks it was built at Saddleworth. The men danced in the Blue Cross Carnival (annual charity with several floats). The Baileys left the pub in 1936, but Mrs. Kimby thinks that the side finished a good while before this perhaps about 1930. Her brother, Fred Bailey was also present and corroborated some of the information.

Photograph of the Morris Men at the Stamford Arms has both Mrs. Kimby and Fred Bailey in the picture (1923).

Information from Mrs. Kimby (nee Bailey), daughter of landlord, aged 12 at time of photograph, and Fred Bailey, son of landlord, age about 5 at time of photograph. (Given to D. Cleary 6th February 1981)

Dancers L to R

1. Mally Squires (had one eye; lost the other in a clog fight) 2. Jimmy Lowe 3. (Adam) Chadwick 4. AIf Marsland 5. John Morgan 6. Levi Leech (interviewed by Dan Howison 1957) 7. Paddy Curry 8. Dick Strong? (not sure) 9. Albert Oldfield - Leader 10. Evans 11. Mathias Schofield 12. Joe Smith (between I & 13)13. Fred Hanby (known as Pea Jim because his father sold black peas on the market - gave information to Maud Karpeles 1938)14. Fred Fone

Front Row seated - Left of big drum Len Delaney. Right of big drum Harold Cochrane Bottom Right corner - Stanley Edwards L. Clown - Jack Nally R. Clown Len Newton. Little boy between clowns - Fred Bailey. Girl, head just showing right of doorway - Mrs. Kimby

Note - Team wearing Boaters, not caps at this time, and leader Albert Oldfield appears to be wearing a different type of straw hat decorated with flowers.

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