Mossley 12 of 17

The Mossley Dance - Chelsmford Ladies?, 1989

Fall Back and Step and Turn (Chorus)

Steps Arms
4 steps backwards Arms crossing and opening above head
2 steps forward  
Change kick  
Two rants facing in Arms crossing at chest level
Walk 3 to turn through up Inside arm of turn straight up, other arm down by side
Jump with feet together Arms straight up
Repeat turning through down  


Steps Arms
Cross set passing right shoulder for 3 rants Left arm straight up, right arm by side
Change kick facing out  
Repeat passing left, turning down and in on first rant  
Change kick facing up  


Slag Heap

Steps Arms
Turning clockwise. Turn back into centre and then back out to diagonal place. 4 rants Arms by side whilst ranting
Step and turn through up  
Slag heap back to place. 4 rants  
Step and turn through down. Jump to face up  


Arm Swing

Steps Arms
1 rant to meet partner right shoulder. Set in single line Grasp partner's elbow
1 rant to turn quarter to right - 2 lines  
1 rant to continue turn to form line  
Change kick  
Turn in to complete quarter left hand turn by end of first rant - 2 lines  
Second rant to form line  
Third rant out to place  
Change kick facing up  


Cast In

Steps Arms
Cast in to invert set. 16 single steps. Dancers should be shoulder to shoulder and very close to other dancers Arms by side throughout
8 rants to place  

Lines of Four

Steps Arms
Fall back x 1  
Fall back into lines

3 and 4 - 7 and 8. Four steps on spot

1 and 2 - 5 and 6. Four steps to move back and inside into -

3 1 2 4

7 5 6 8

2 steps forward and change kick  

Step and Turn

Steps Arms
Facing 3-1, 2-4, 6-8, 7-5

3-1 2-4

7-5 6-8

Turning right then left. Final jump to face up.


Grand Chain

Steps Arms
Start facing 3-7, 1-2, 4-8, 5-6

3 1-2 4

7 5-6 8

On first step pass right shoulders using four marches. 1 rant and 1 change kick on spot. Left arm straight up
Continue passing alternate shoulders until back to place. Alternate arm straight up.
All moving is done during 4 march steps. Rant and change kick on spot, facing direction in which you were moving. Turn to face next person on first step of march.  
Final change kick to face up.  

In Lines

Steps Arms
Facing up. All move forwards for 4 marches.  
1 rant and 1 change kick on spot.  
3 rants backwards to finish with stamp Finish with arms up

Dance Off

Steps Arms
Fall back x1  
Back line 4 steps on spot  
Front line 4 steps backwards at slight diagonal to move between back line.

7 3 5 1 6 2 8 4

All 2 steps forward and change kick  
Dance off (ranting) led by 4.  

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