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Interview with Miss Florrie Hanby

Dennis Cleary interviewed Florrie Hanby who lives at 20 Curzon Street, Mossley and was the Daughter of Fred Hanby (known as Pea Jim because he sold black peas on the market) on 6th February 1981.

She remembered a visit by Maud Karpeles - about 40 years ago (1938) when her father, Fred Hanby talked to her about the dances and demonstrated steps etc. She showed DC a photograph (black and white) - Mayor's Carnival 1934? - see newspaper cutting, of her father's obituary which she also produced. In the photograph F. Hanby was wearing (her description) Black velvet cap, white shirt; yellow sash; clogs; black velvet breeches with lace at the knee; bells at bottom of breeches on outside at knee; stockings at time of photograph, pink (she remembers her Mother knitted them specially); clog laces also pink; rosettes on left and right breast of shirt, "to pin beads down", she doesn't recall colour of rosettes. Other men on photo had long trousers. (Fred Hanby was leader). She said most had got rid of their costumes and made do with what they could provide. She produced for inspection her father's gear, Clogs - low cut with crimping, Amber sash - rather faded, Cap - black velvet, jockey style, Tiddlers - 2 sticks (not a pair) - 2 inch long, wound with ribbons, one red and white, one red and blue with red, white and blue ribbons at the tip.

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