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Manchester Morris Men - Instructions for Mossley Morris (Notes by D. Froome (1973?))

Order of Figures

1) Cross Over - Chorus

2) Cross Corners - Chorus

3) Insides - Chorus

4) Partners Swing - Chorus, but Polka & Turn done as beginning of 5.

5) Up in Fours - Chorus

6) Right Across (stars) - Chorus

7) Tickle Our Martha


Dance may he done with any number of sets of 4 men, provided insides are executed so as to be back in place in time with music. Figures begin with OUTSIDE FOOT. All evolutions end FEET TOGETHER, hands apart.


Outside foot & hand. Fall back 4 steps, forward & caper with outside leg thrown up parallel to ground vigorously. The raised hand circles twice, free hand thrown across chest, with each pair of steps, throw both hands up at Caper. Repeat evolution, end facing partner, hands up, but Caper is modified into feet together. Polka on spot and turn, two polka steps. Polka with the R implies hop on L foot, the R being crossed over: for this the R hand is raised, the L being held UPRIGHT across the back. The raised hand circles THRICE. The 2 steps are done alternately L & R (or R & L) the turn being in the direction of the free foot at the end. ODDS Polka L then R turning UP, executing this evolution twice. EVENS Polka R then L turning UP then L & R, turning DOWN. Briefly, ODDS turn UP twice, EVENS, UP then DOWN: alternatively expressed, ALL turn UP, ALL turn LEFT.

1) Cross over in lines, Caper in opposite place, return, end Caper UP

2) Waltz time movement. Bar 1 - All in 4s to centre of set, turning clockwise, end back to back, hands both held up. ODDS begin L foot, EVENS begin R (L file L, R file R). Bar 2 - Go round in 45 degrees clockwise, turning clockwise. Bar 3 - Fall out into opposite place, Polka and Caper on spot. All Polka and turn UP, then repeat DOWN. Return to place in 4s reversing feet to begin (L foot L file, R foot R file).

3) Walk down centre in pairs, top couple turning to meet, others coining up set in pairs and following down. Swing hand above head twice for each 2 steps, free hand across chest. At end of phrase when all facing down, stamp and continue on SAME FOOT, turning out and coming up outside, polka step. Raised hand swung THRICE, free hand hold molly vertically behind back. Allow room for Leader ( & Fool) to come up centre.

4) Swing in pairs, R forearm swing, and LINES CLOSE TOGETHER, Caper Return L hand swing, end normal spacing, facing UP for caper.

CHORUS- into figure 5 - Fall back and advance as usual but on second advance 3s & 4s advance to stand between 1s and 2s in lines of 4. In this position execute Polka and Turn as if in place. Lines walk forward, Polka and Caper on spot, then all Polka backwards to original position of lines, outside men facing in, inside men facing out, both hands up and circling. 1 faces 3, 2 faces 4. A R-hand turn halfway walking step, end Polka and Caper. 1s & 2s now turn halfway to face each other, while 3s and 4s face up or down set to face 4s & 3s of line above or below. All now half turn L- hand, Polka & Caper. Repeat R hand turn and Polka & caper with same man, then turn to face original partner, L-hand turn, Polka and Caper and end all facing DOWN set. Leader & fool dance same routine together in middle of set or between two sets (if 16 men;). Lines now walk forward, Polka and Caper on spot, then all polka backwards, falling into lines and into original places.

CHORUS figure is now executed with all men facing DOWN set, normal feet, ending in normal face front position.

6) Each 4 executes R hand star, free hand held straight out, all Mollies held vertical. Polka to opposite places. Polka and Turn in opposite place as in (2), then return L across star, end face UP with Caper.

7) Tickle our Martha. Beginning with LEFT foot, slightly inclining and twisting the body to the LEFT, step across and in front of RIGHT foot, allowing the right foot to follow to the outside of the left foot on the second step. In this way make a small half circle counter-clock round partner, ending in his place, four steps, end feet together.

Repeat to place with imperceptible pause in between two half circles. This is slow and deliberate but smooth and continuous movement, no halting, staggering or in any way interrupting the flow of movement. When in place mark time on spot, L, R, L, R. (Hands low circles, waist high, vertical plane left hand counterclock, right hand clockwise) At end all Polka and turn UP fast tempo, then all polka and turn DOWN very fast tempo, end Caper UP, arms both thrown up, Keep hands up until Leader signals hands down.

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