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Mossley - North West Processional (As Performed by the Manchester Morris Men, 1969 (G.T.?))


Column with leader at top (someone else can 'play' at the bottom). 8 is the usual number in the set, but 6 or 12 or 16 could be danced.


Made of 9 inch lengths of cotton rope about 1 inch diameter, bound with 1 inch wide ribbon, red, white and blue bound spirally, 9 inches of free ribbon at end, loop of tape to go round wrist.

Mossley Caper

Spring from outside foot, swing inside foot forward and up, then outside foot forward and up (both feet in air). Land on inside foot, both hands raised above head, and down.

The Dance

Fall Back

Start with outside foot, step back 2 steps, swing outside tiddler in arc above head, other tiddler across belly. 2 steps more backwards, change hands 2 steps forward 1 step forward and MOSSLEY CAPER. REPEAT all above.


A) Raise R hand above head. L behind back 1 rant step. Raise L hand above head. R behind back 1 rant step A Turn R about taking 4 steps (Not quite drop steps, but nearly!) hands at waist-level making 4 circles. End with a pause.

B) Evens (RH file) Raise L hand above head, R behind back I rant step (Raise R hand above head, L behind back 1 rant step B Turn L about in 4 steps, hands at waist level making 4 circles. End with pause, facing partner as in A.

Odd (LH file) At same time do 2 Bs as above

Cross Partners

Face partners, polka forward passing R should into his place and turn to face him (lines finish closer together than column position), both hands above head, tiddling. 3 bars stepping and Mossley caper. Cross back to places in same manner and face up.

Fall back & Chorus

Cross Corners

This is carried out in waltz time working in groups of 4 from top. 3 bars and caper. Face inwards. 1 big step towards centre turning R so 4 are back to back (1 bar). 1 bar rotate to R and fall into opposite corner position. 1 bar polka to partner and caper.

Semi Chorus

Both files polka with tiddler nearest top of set raised, other behind back, for 1 bar; change hands for second bar. 3rd bar all turn up 4 steps hands at waist level - 4 circles. Both tiles polka with bottom tiddler up, other behind back., 1 bar. Both files polka with top tiddler up, other behind back., 1 bar. 1 bar turning down - 4 steps hands at waist level - 4 circles.

REPEAT Cross corners back to place but not semi chorus. Face up

Fall back and Chorus


Start with outside foot, outside tiddler up, inside hand across belly. March forward 1 and 2 leading down inside set, all follow - 8 bars. Even file brings L foot across L tiddler up, R tiddler behind back Odd tile bring L foot across R tiddler up, L hand behind back Polka, 8 bars, 1 & 2 turn out and lead back to top. End with caper.

Fall back and Chorus

Swing Partners

Polka towards partner, turn once completely round with R arm (L tiddler up)- 2 bars, in own place, face, polka 1 bar & caper. Repeat with L arm turn.

Fall Back

Up in 4s

Seconds move up inside 1s. Face up and dance Chorus. March forward 4 steps starting R foot, R tiddler up, L tiddler across belly. Polka 1 bar (both hands up) and caper. Polka backwards 3 bars (both hands up) & caper. 1 faces 3 : 2 faces 4 : 5 faces 7 : 6 faces 8 - give R arms and change places (3 walking steps). Face and polka 1 bar (both hands up) & caper. TURN so that 7 faces 3, 1 faces 2, 4 faces 6, 5 faces 8. Give L arms, change places as above. Polka and caper. Continue to face. Give R arms, change places as above. Polka & caper. Continue to face. Face original i.e. 1:3 - 2:4 - 5:7 - 6:8. Give L arms, change places, face, polka and caper ALL FACE DOWN. March forward 4 steps starting R foot, R hand up. L across belly (change to L up with L foot etc.) Polka 1 bar (both hands up). Caper (hands up and down) polka backwards 3 bars (both hands up). Fall back into column but facing DOWN

Swing Corners

Each group of 4 polka into a RH star. Tiddlers in middle held upright, do not give hands, other tiddler above head. 3 bars into opposite corner, face & caper. Semi-Chorus as in Cross Corners. Back with L hand Star, face up.

Fall Back & Chorus

Nancy Dawson (Tickle our Martha)

SLOW TIME. Partners face, cross into partner's place in 4 steps pass L shoulders, start L foot (path like a gypsy). Hands waist height, slow circles, end with hands apart.

REPEAT to place

4 mark time steps in place facing partner


Even line Polka 1 bar R hand up L behind back

Polka 1 bar L hand up R behind back

Turn UP 4 steps Polka 1 bar L hand up R behind back

Polka 1 bar R hand up L behind back

Turn DOWN 3 steps and caper, ending L foot in air, hands above head. Odd line as Even but turn UP both times R foot in air. All facing up.

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