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Mossley Morris - Manchester Morris Men (DRH? 1958?)

The Dance

CHORUS FIGURE - Begin outside foot and hand. Fall back, forward and caper with

outside leg. Repeat. Polka and turn. Odds turn UP twice; Evens UP then DOWN.

1) Cross Over

Cross sides in lines, polka, both hands up, caper in place. Return similarly.


2) Cross Corners

Waltz-time movement. a) All to centre turning clockwise. Odds begin LEFT; Evens RIGHT. b) Go round. c) Fall into opposite place. Polka and turn on opposite side, ALL turn UP then DOWN. Return to place similarly, reversing feet.


3) Insides

Walk down centre in pairs, top couple turning to meet, others following. Outside hand and foot, single hand swing above head, free hand across body. When all facing down do not change foot, stamp and continue turning out to come up outside single hand above head, polka step, free hand across back, molly held upright. LEADER comes up middle to top.


4) Partners Swing

Each couple swing right hand, forearm swing, end with lines close together, Caper. Return left hand, lines normal spacing at end, Caper.

Chorus - but on second walk forward come into lines of four across set, 3 & 4 between 1 & 2 thus 1 - 3 : 4 - 2

5) Up in Fours

Lines forward, begin normal outside foot & hand, end caper. Polka & turn as in Chorus, all facing up. Lines forward again, end caper, then all polka backwards to previous positions, both hands above head, inside dancers turning to face outside dancer - thus - 1 face 3, 4 face 2. ALL right-hand turn walking, halfway, end Polka and caper. Lines now - 3 face 1, 2 face 4. 1 turns to face 2 and repeats half turn LEFT while 3 & 4 face up or down set to face 3 & 4 of the line above or below and half turn LEFT. All repeat turn RIGHT with same men, then LEFT with original man partnered, ending with all men facing DOWN the set. LEADER and FOOL do Right and Left twice in middle of set between the two lines of 4. Lines now walk forward and caper, facing DOWN, then all Polka backwards to original places but all facing DOWN the set.

Chorus done with all men facing down set, ending with Polka and turn in normal positions.

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