The Mossley Morris Dance
Compiled by Denis Cleary from material in the archives of the Manchester Morris Men

©1992 Manchester Morris Men
Edited by Howard Mitchell 1996

Mossley Morris Dancers 1912
From a slide by Mr. Roy Hordley of St. Helens

1. Mossley

2. The Dance

3. The Revival

4. Historical References

5. Mossley Morris as Collected by Maud Karpeles 1938

6. Extract from Fred Hamer's Notes

7. The Mossley Morris Dance (As described to D. R. Howison by Mr. Levi Leech, January 1957)

8. Mossley Morris - Manchester Morris Men (DRH? 1958?)

9. Mossley - North West Processional (As performed by the Manchester Morris Men - 1969 (G.T.?))

10. Manchester Morris Men - Instructions for Mossley Morris (Notes by D. Froome (1973?))

11. Interview with Miss Florrie Hanby

12. The Mossley Dance - Chelsmford Ladies?, 1989

13. Interview with Mrs. Kimby

14. Mossley Dance Music - Some further information

15. Extract from the Huddersfield Chronical and Huddersfield Examiner

16. The Obituary of Fred Hanby 1940

17. Music