The 15th Meeting of The Morris Ring

Held in Manchester on 29 October 1938

The fifteenth meeting of the Morris Ring was held at Manchester, on Saturday October 29th. About 20 men were present, representing the following clubs:- Manchester, East Surrey, Greensleeves, London Pride, St.Albans and West Yorkshire. Dancing began at the Birch School, Rusholme, at 2.30p.m., under the direction of the Squire. He had arrived some hours before into Manchester, unfortunately without the Bagman's directions as to how to find the meeting place, and with its address forgotten; however after twelve shillings had been spent on trunk calls this information was acquired and he arrived very prompt to time to start the dancing. This proceeded, with a break for tea at the Platt Cottage Hotel, until 7.0p.m., when the men returned to the hotel and sat down to the Feast at 8.0 p.m.

After the Feast, a very fine meal enlivened by a waiter who obviously could not comprehend the Morris Ring, men adjourned to a sitting room to confer together, presided over by a large organ and a semi-nude statue of a Moorish Dancer (female). The Bagman read the minutes of the last meeting, which were confirmed and signed. Regrets for absence were read, and the scurrilous story referred to in the minutes was related.

A good deal of discussion took place about the local traditional dances, and Harper Crompton described the contacts he had made with several teams. The possibility of a meeting in a year's time was discussed, at which some collaboration with traditional dancers could be made. Some singing then followed, and about 11.0 p.m. the men dispersed, after a most enjoyable day.

(signed) R.Kenworthy Schofield March 18th 1939


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