The Millbrook (Stalybridge) Morris Dance

Compiled by Denis Cleary from material in the archives of the Manchester Morris
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The MILLBROOK (Stalybridge) Morris Dance is also known as the Staley Wood Rushcart Dance, and is said to have originated in Mill Brow (pronounced 'Brew'), which is believed to be the same place as Millbrook.

There are 4 sets of notes in Manchester Morris archives, which are:-

1. Noted in 1957 by Dan Howison from J.A.Sykes and A.Allen ; both born in 1887, both danced with team as early as 1911 (Coronation George V ).
    These notes are split into Intro, Costume, Music & Dance, and each can be viewed using the navigation links on the left.

2. Noted in 1957 by Bernard Bentley from Frank Buckley. FB was Scoutmaster in Stalybridge who revived dance with his Scouts in 1956.

3. Noted in 1978 by Denis Cleary, from a school project by Elaine Allen, Dukinfield, who said her information was from 'an old dancer'..

4. Notes by D. Cleary from conversations with Frank Buckley (see 2), and also G.Rawson, E.Jackson and G.Bowker, members of the 1956 Scout team and Grace Kemp, daughter of F. Buckley and Cub Leader at Stalybridge Scout Group. Also from personal papers passed to D.C. by Mrs. Kemp on the death of her father age 93 in 1986.

* It would seem that Dan Howison's notes (1) taken from original team members must be most accurate and authentic, though B. Bentley suggests possibility of two dances - Millbrook and Stalybridge.

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