Index of Towns in the Archives of the Manchester Morris

The information stored in the MM archives is the result of many years of research by past and present members, primarily into North-West dances. It has been gathered together with the co-operation of many individuals and other morris sides. All contributions listed in this index, with the exception of published works, have the permission of the original contributor to be viewed and quoted but should not be published.

Dances in the current MM repertoire (Abram, Colne, Godley Hill, Medlock, Mossley, New Mills & Oldham) are marked in red

ABBOTTS BROMLEY Staffordshire. Horn Dance Brochure, history, brief description, Coloured photographs. 
ABRAM Lancashire. Full description, music, black & white pictures of current team. 
ACCRINGTON Lancashire. Very brief description of costume, dance, music. See also Clayton le Moors & Whalley. 
ADLINGTON Lancashire. Full description of history, dance, costume, music. 
ALDERLEY EDGE & OVER ALDERLEY Cheshire. Very full description of dance costume, black & white photographs. 
NETHER ALDERLEY Full description of Mummers play. 
ALTRINCHAM(Bensonians) Cheshire. Full description of dance, costume. 
ASHTON-UNDER-LYNE Lancashire. Manchester Morris Men Booklet Lancashire Very full description of dance, costume, black & white photographs. 
AUDENSHAW/DUKINFIELD Cheshire. Cheshire carnival morris (not known locally, probably common to several girls' teams in area). 
BANKS LANE A version of Ashton, currently danced by Stockport Morris Men.
BANK VILLAGE Lancashire. Danced by Methodist School children at Banks Annual Field Day, good description of dance figures. 
BACUP (Britannia/Tunstead Mill) Lancashire. Description and photographs of Garland Dance. See also Whitworth & 'Coconut Dancing in Provence'.
BARNOLDSWICK Yorkshire. Mere mention. See also Earby. 
BARROWFORD near Nelson, Lancashire. Mention only. 
BARTON Lancashire. See Eccles. 
BETLEY Staffordshire. Description of costume and some dance figures, black & white photograph.
BLACKBURN Lancashire. Dance figures (From Preston Royal Morris Men). 
BLACKLEY Manchester. Mention of Morris dancers at Wakes 1858. 
BLACKROD near Wigan, Lancashire. Full description, history, dance notation, music, costume, photographs. 
BOLLIN Cheshire. Dance figures. 
BOLTON Lancashire. Mention in letters, no description of dance, brief description of costume. 
BRINDLE near Preston, Lancashire. Brief description of costume 1896. 
BURNLEY Lancashire. Costume, dance notation - good description, photograph of girl's team. 
BUXTON Derbyshire. Mention, earliest reference 1840 associated with well dressing. 
CARR LODGE Horbury, Yorkshire. Polka. Compilation of figures originating from Slaithwaite nr. Huddersfield. Dance notation and music. 
CASTLETON Derbyshire. Garland ceremony celebrating Oak Apple Day (May 29th), originally included Moms Men. 
CHEADLE Cheshire. Mention of Morris Men at Wakes. See Stockport. 
CHESTER Cheshire. Several references - nothing specific. 
CHIPPING near Preston, Lancashire. Reference only, Buffoon's dance? See also Dolphinholme. 
CHORLEY Lancashire. Comprehensive history, black & white photos. See also Coppull.
CLAYTON LE MOORS Lancashire. Photographs, description of costume. See also Whalley & Accrington. 
CLITHEROE Lancashire. Full description of dance, costume, mention of music. 
COLNE Lancashire. Full description of costume, music notation, dance notation, black & white photographs. 
COMBERBACH Cheshire. Soul Cake play. 
COPPULL Lancashire. Description and dance figures, photograph. 
CREWE Cheshire. History, full description of costume, dance notation. 
D'ARCY LEVER near Bolton, Lancashire. Mention only. 
DARWEN Lancashire. Brief description. 
DIDSBURY Manchester. History, some description of dance but no accurate notation, photo of rush cart and boy Morris dancer
DISLEY Derbyshire. Description of costume and dance notation. 
DOLPHINHOLME Lancashire. Reference to buffoon's dance. 
DROYLSDEN Manchester. Mention only, reference to rushcart and Morris dancers, photographs. See also Failsworth & Newton Heath
DUKINFIELD Cheshire. Reference only. See also Audenshaw carnival dance. 
EARBY Yorkshire. Reference only, photograph of children's team. See also Bamoldswick. 
ECCLES (also Barton) Lancashire. Reference only. 
EYAM Derbyshire. Reference only. 
FAILSWORTH Lancashire. Full description of dance, costume, history dance notation. See also Royton. 
FARNWORTH Lancashire. Mention only. 
FLEETWOOD Lancashire. Danced by John 0'Gaunt, full dance notation. 
FLIXTON Lancashire. Reference only. 
FOULRIDGE Lancashire. Reference only. 
GISBURN Yorkshire. History, description of dance, music, photographs. 
GLOSSOP Derbyshire. Manchester Morris Men booklet, history, costume, dance notation, rushcart, photographs. 
GODLEY HILL near Hyde, Cheshire. Manchester Morris Men booklet, very full history, dance notation, costume, tunes, photographs. 
GOLBORNE Lancashire. Description of costume, full dance notation. 
GOOSTREY Cheshire. Description of costume, dance notation, photographs. 
GORTON Manchester. Description of costume, dance notation, rush cart, photograph. 
GRAINS BAR Lancashire. Detailed dance notation. 
GREAT ALTCAR Lancashire. Mention only. 
GREAT BUDWORTH Cheshire. Dance notation. 
GREAT HARWOOD Lancashire. Description only - costume, dance, tune. 
HAWORTH Yorkshire. Mention only. 
HAYFIELD Derbyshire. Description of costume, history, dance notation, photographs. 
HEATON (Heaton Hall), (now) Manchester. History of manor, reference to Morris Dancers. 
HINDLEY Lancashire. History, description of costume, dance notation, photographs. 
HOGHTON TOWERS Lancashire. Mention only. 
HOLMES CHAPEL Cheshire. General information, dance notation. 
HORWICH Lancashire. History, costume, dance notation, photographs. 
KESWICK Cumbria. Dance notation . See Leyland/Mawdsley. 
LEYLAND Lancashire. History, costume, dance notation, photographs. 
LITTLE CROSBY Lancashire. Mention only. 
LITTLE LEVER Lancashire. Dance notation. 
LITTLEBOROUGH Lancashire. Description of costume only. 
LIVERPOOL Lancashire. Mention only. 
LONGRIDGE Lancashire. Brief notation of dance, tune. See also Goosetry. 
LOSTOCK GRALAM Cheshire. History, dance notation, photographs. 
LOSTOCK JUNCTION Dance notation. 
LOWER PEOVER Cheshire. Description of Costume. 
LYMM Cheshire. History, description of costume, dance notation, photographs , music. See also Statham.
LYMM Cheshire. Soul Caking Play. 
MANCHESTER Mention only. 
MANCHESTER Garland Dance devised by Dennis Cleary for Manchester Morris Men. Full notation, suggested tunes. 
MANLEY Cheshire. History, costume, dance notation, tunes, photographs. 
MARSDEN Yorkshire. Description of rushcart and morris dancers. See also Sowerby Bridge and Mossley. 
MARSTON Cheshire. History, dance notation, costume. 
MAWDESLEY Lancashire. Dance notation. See also Leyland & Keswick.
MEDLOCK Manchester. Dance devised by Peter McLoughlin (member & ex-squire) for the Manchester Morris Men. Full notation & music. 
MIDDLETON Lancashire. History, costume, music, photographs.
MIDDLETON JUNCTION Lancashire. History, costume, dance notation, photographs. 
MIDDLEWICH Cheshire. Mention only. 
MILES PLATTING Manchester. Description of dance. 
MILLBROOK Cheshire. Manchester Morris Men booklet. History, costume, dance notation, tunes, photographs. Alternate version by Trefor Owen. 
MILNROW Lancashire. Some references, brief description of dance and some notation, rushcart, photograph. 
MOBBERLEY Cheshire. History, costume, dance notation, photographs. 
MOSSLEY Lancashire. Manchester Morris Men booklet, History, costume, dance notation, music, photographs. 
NANTWICH Cheshire. Mention only. 
NELSON Lancashire. History, costume, dance notation, photographs. Also, Children's Marching. 
NEW MILLS Derbyshire. History, costume, dance notation, tunes, photographs. 
NEWTON HEATH Manchester. Mention only. See Failsworth 
NEWTON LE WILLOWS Lancashire. History, brief description of costume, full dance notation, tunes. 
OLDFIELD near Winsford, Cheshire. General description.
OLDHAM Lancashire. History, description of costume, description and detailed notation of dance, music, photographs.
ORMSKIRK Lancashire. Description of costumes, various teams, vague description of dance, photographs.
PADIHAM Lancashire. Description of costume and dance, tunes.
PARBOLD Lancashire. Mention only.
PEOVER Cheshire. Includes - Over Peover, Higher Peover, Lower Peover. Description of costume, dance and dance notation, photographs.
PRESCOTT Lancashire. Brief notation.
PRESTON Lancashire. History, dance notation, costume, photographs.
RADCLIFFE Lancashire. Mention only.
RIPON Yorkshire. Some notation of a Lancashire rushcart dance (Millinery festival).
ROCHDALE Lancashire. History, costume, photographs of rushcart & morris dancers, description of mummers play.
ROXBURY Lancashire. (District of Oldham) Description of costume and dance, tune.
ROYTON Lancashire. Costume, detailed notation, tunes, photographs.
RUNCORN Cheshire. A brief history, dance notation, photographs.
SADDLEWORTH Lancashire/Yorkshire. Notation of Saddleworth dance, description of costume, photographs of rushcart and morris men. Reference to other villages that make up this district - Delph, Greenfield, Uppermill.
St. HELENS Lancashire. Description of costume, dance notation.
SANDBACH Cheshire. Horn dance - mention only.
SHAW & CROMPTON Lancashire. Photograph of rushcart only.
SILVERDALE Staffordshire. Description of costume. See also Betley.
SOUTHPORT Lancashire. Mention only.
SOWERBY BRIDGE Yorkshire. Rushcart - programme only (1990).
STALYBRIDGE Cheshire. See Millbrook.
STANNINGLEY Yorkshire. Mention only.
STATHAM Cheshire. Dance notation, tunes. See also Lymm.
STOCKPORT Cheshire. History, description of costume, tunes, photographs.
THORNSETT near New Mills, Derbyshire - Photograph of boy's team.
TINTWISTLE Derbyshire. Mention only.
ULVERSTON Cumbria. Costume, description of dance, photograph.
WAVERTREE Lancashire. Mention only.
WARRINGTON Lancashire. Mention only.
WESTHOUGHTON Lancashire. Dance notation, description of Pace Egg play.
WHALLEY Lancashire. Costume, dance notation, photograph. See also Accrington & Clayton le Moors.
WHEELOCK Cheshire. History, description of costume, description of dance.
WHITEHAVEN/WORKINGTON Cumbria. Description of costume, description of dance, tune.
WHITWORTH Lancashire. Description of costume & dance, rushcart, photographs.
WIGAN Lancashire. Description of costume, dance notation, tune, photographs.
WIGTON Cumbria. Brief history, dance notation, tune.
WILMSLOW Cheshire. Brief history, description of costume.
WINSTER Derbyshire. General description, photograph
WORTH CLOUGH Dance made up by Poynton Gemmers.


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